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"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them - that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like."

Lao Tzu

Beginnings of a Dream

Have you ever felt like you were meant to do something in your very bones?  Mine has always been to help others find their way and bring forth their inner light. I did not know how and it has been a winding path but it has always been there. I can remember being 3 or 4 years old and knowing that true healing was available, I didn’t know how but I knew it was possible. Healing for me is the ability to tune into my inner flame no matter what, and make the right decision from there no matter what the outside world was telling me.  That innate knowledge was a part of my inner being and it called to me on a cellular level. that knowledge also scared me and I have run from it many times over the years, but that too was only part of my path of understanding. Now I am embarking on that path with every cell of my being, with every part of my life. Emerging is the manifestation of that dream. It is the space to heal I wish I had so I could have developed my inner voice and been brave enough to answer my inner calling. 

Ask yourself if you ever wanted to find somewhere that was a totally safe space to bring your inner self to heal. I know I have always wanted that space myself so I am bringing it to you. That is what Emerging is about. It is a service to create that space of wellness through a holistic service. A system of Holistic Health that serves the mind, body, and spirit. It is a manifestation of what I needed but never had and wished was available to make the journey simpler. Now I can offer it to others in the way I had wanted it. 

Emerging is what I knew that is what the world needed. Emerging Whole Wellness is an energic space where healing entails community, unconditional love giving a venue for developing self-trust, assistance to connect with spirit, and knowledge of the traditional methods that come from biomedicine such as therapy and going to a doctor when needed. The ultimate combination of duality. 

Emerging combines our present healing models and those healing abilities that are in our DNA, our ancestral heritage, such as intuition and natural healing ability that is part of who we are.  Working with my service will teach you to access this as I have. It is a space created for you to walk through your own personal journey to your inner light by combining different healing modalities to do personal inner healing,. Emerging Holistic Healing space that provides the safety and support for the unique journey into ourselves to find the inner light, so we can become a light for others. A safe environment to explore yourself with my assistance, where we no longer have to go underground as a healer of our world for fear of what the world will do or say to us.  So that ultimately, others can also be healed by your healed presence. 

Imagine finding a woman who has cultivated so much love,

that she has emerged a living conduit for it to course through,

residing in a constant state of outflow,

never expecting to receive,

because she is already so nourished from within and from Above, allowing her to receive you with immaculacy- without attachment-

when you do reflect love back.

Imagine finding a woman who has become light itself,

illuminating all around her,

her rays filtering their way into not just the windows you choose to open but seeping into each and every single

crack in your armor,

that you didn’t even know were there,

discovering with relief and terror that your shadows have nowhere left to hide.

Imagine finding a woman who is already married to God,

who looks to you for nothing more than your rawest,

most authentic self,

needing nothing of you,

but softly asking for,

seductively beckoning for he gift you’ve not yet given - the one that sits in the deepest part of you - that you have been afraid to retrieve, wanting only that, with no expectation

of what it will look like or what it even is, just that she’ll know it when she feels it.

Imagine finding a woman who has trained her eyes to see people’s souls,

upon whom your acting and posturing

has no effect other than to make her chuckle knowingly,

who loves your masks too, and lets you know sometimes gently and sometimes firmly, but always lovingly,when you’ve been wearing one for too long.

Imagine finding a woman

who has quietly tended to the garden of her soul so tenderly, and for so long, and with such bravery,

unafraid to water it with the tears of  her soul-grief, planting the very

last seeds left in the pouch

of her heart, that the strength of her faith that they would grow into vines

that could reach up towards the light,

touch the light and become the light,

restores your own faith such that

you yourself are reborn as a Believer.

Imagine finding a woman who has found herself."

Author: Vera Grossmann

The Calling

Above is why I started this healing practice. The next steps are unknown and that is how is it meant to be.  We all have a path of passion and purpose. If this resonates with you, let me know. So we can continue to spread this to the world. Whatever way it is meant to spread.  Healers need to heal but also need to provide healing.  This is a way to connect.  By working together we become partners in healing the world. 

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