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About Me

This is the hard part. Like most women, I am not comfortable talking about myself. I live in a small town the midwest with my husband of over 20 years.  We have 3 grown but not launched children. They are amazing and astound me every day as they find their way in life. We have 2 dogs and one cat.  My husband and I love to travel in our spare time. We have found over the years that it helps us to stay connected. We also enjoy spending time in nature. My family is my rock and I am grateful every day for each one of them.  We are far from perfect and sometimes unconventional but we are family. I know I am on the edge of the next phase in life as they start to launch but as I start this next chapter in my life. I am excited to see what new adventures it brings both professionally and personally. 

My Health Philosophy

Each person must find that one special interest that they are passionate about and get them out of bed each day. no matter what happens in life if you have that, you function and want to keep going. Health and healing have always been that for me. As a child, I spent time my time helping the strays on the farm I grew up on. I would find all the stray cats and try to tame them. I would try to nurse back to health any animal I found that was hurt. I was not only that way with animals but with other people. As I aged, I could see how important the whole picture was for helping and healing our health: mentally, spiritually and physically. Because of this outlook on life, I found myself more and more interested in holistic health.

My personal background makes me your ideal partner as you find your own path to whole health. I have learned what it is to not only survive by thriving. I have had my share of trauma and life lessons. With each experience, I learned new ways of coping and learning. I learned to trust in the universe, that I would find my way through. I find that the right people and experiences were always given to me at just the right time. This support has been vital on my life path and finding my soul's purpose. I now want to share that with others and help them find their own way. If you are reading this you were meant to find me and I believe I can help you with navigating the trying times we are living in. We are meant to have support on this journey. 

My Life-Long Journey to Share

I started my journey studying energy at 20 years of age. At that time a read every book I could get my hands on that would help on my spiritual journey. I read Louise Hay, Gary Zukav, and any other author I could find that might give me insight into energy and healing. I learned about Aromatherapy therapy, Essential oils, Crystals, and Bach flower remedies. There were so many options out there and so many ways of experiencing alternative healing modalities. I pursued Reiki and became a Karuna Reiki Master. During that time, I also had a family and went back to nursing school.


Life moved forward like it is meant to do. That being said, I was no different than many who take a spiritual path. My path was winding and I found myself shattered when I lost my fourth child and youngest son, Brenden, to SIDS while still in nursing school.  This experience made me question the universe and everything I had come to believe in.  As I was pursuing my degree and beyond, it became easier to pursue the path of traditional western medicine and nursing. After a few years in the workforce,  I went back and got my bachelor's degree. At that time, I found myself moving from inpatient bedside nursing into ambulatory nursing as a phone triage and care team nurse in a family medicine caring for all life stages.  After a few years, I changed my specialties and began working in psychiatric nursing care as an outpatient nurse. I found myself working with mental health patients with depression and anxiety symptoms and helping them learn skills to cope.  Today I continue to practice that combination of all those skills as a School Nurse while expanding my knowledge base.  I received a Master's Degree in Holistic Health Studies from Saint Catherine University. Learning more and more about integrative health. My nursing experiences have taught me that western medicine is lacking something fundamental for people. It does not address the whole picture, but it also has its place. When combined with complementary medicine it can be extremely healing.  That is where I felt the need to offer a path to Holistic Health. My experience taught me that if people are taught to integrate that healing is more effective. Health is a three-legged stool, and my practice addresses this. If you are finding this page, the universe may be telling you the same thing and I am here to help. I can offer a helping hand on your journey down this path.

Holistic health is an extremely important part of healing both the individual and the world as a whole. I understand both the medical model and the complementary model of health. Emerging Whole Wellness is dedicated to helping navigate this trying time. Helping to bridge the gap between better health of mind, body, and spirit. 

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