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Wellness for everyone. Offering A Variety of classes promoting whole family health, intuitive energy work, reiki, sound healing and holistic wellness consulting. A way to regain your wholeness. Allow us to guide you and your family on the path to whole health. Providing care that supports both personal and family health and well-being. Whole Health centers around what matters to you and yours, not what is the matter with you and yours. Emerging Whole Wellness will get to know you as a person to develop a personalized wellness plan based on your values, needs, and goals.


Services include:• Holistic Wellness Consulting • Healing Touch • Reiki • Therapeutic Touch • Crystal Healing• Resiliency Skills Training • Support for Life Transitions • Somatic Healing • In Person and Distance Healing • Sound Healing• Story Work • Intuitive Guidance • Wellness Coaching • Help Mapping the Healing Journey • Holistic Education


Somatic Healing & Education available Via Online & In Person Sessions for individual & Groups 

Membership to Emerging Whole Wellness

Membership options:

Emerging Whole Wellness now has a membership option for students and adults that gives a 25% discount on services, 15% on classes (coming soon) and 10% discount at Little Birds. But best of all is the ability to share community during normal business hours for a place to get away and just be, of course there is internet available to those that need to access work or school or just scroll. It will have someone here for support during that time to take time to just talk or feel heard.


All Memberships include use of common space during normal working  hours,  use of internet wi-fi,  25% discount on services, 15% discount on classes,  and10% discount at Little Birds, our upstairs partner in holistic needs on things recommended by Catherine. 


Adult Membership: $50 a month at this time. This first set of members as we are laying the foundation, Price may increase for new membership at a later date. Those who become members at this time rate will not increase during their first year.


Student Membership: 14-21, is 45 a month.  All the above benefits, but students under 19 years are only able to utilize the space during times where an adult is available to supervise.

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