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Taking time for quiet

I walked this am. I try to walk every morning if I can. I started doing this last November. I have two dogs that love it and it is my quiet time. I did not know if I would be able to today. I live in Iowa and yesterday we got our first measurable snowfall. The picture shows this. It was enough that walking was strenuous and it would have been easy to decide I was not going to do it. If it had been below zero, I am actually sure that I would not have pushed myself to go. But today, I needed the quiet to feed my soul and I need the movement for my health. It would have been easy to give into that resistance my mind was putting up. There was a list of reasons my mind gave me not to go. From, I did not know if it was allowed on this trail because it was not groomed, to is it really worth it to walk in 4 inches of snow when it is cold, and no one else would do it anyway. (I have lots of friends that snap me back saying they would not do what I do, even though they admire that I do it and wish they had the discipline to walk.)  Yet my dogs ask for it, I believe that is why the universe gave me the two of them. So, I am doing it. I have found the motivation to push through the resistance. Dr Andrew Huberman talks about lasting change containing three elements, resistance to the habit, daily repetition, and simply doing it. My daily walks fall under all three elements. Even as I write this blog, I see it. I am still resistant to if I am going to continue. The list of reasons not to do it is not going to go away, in fact it will get longer as Iowa weather hits below zero and true winter. Yesterday was a perfect example of why people hibernate in the midwest in the winter. It was cold and snowy, the roads had not been cleared until later and honestly to be out in it without the right gear and visibility is it dangerous. So yesterday, I did not walk the dogs in nature. It was the only day I did not since starting my daily walks in November, and I really missed it, because for me it is a time of quiet and reflection. It starts my day out in a way that keeps me in a good head and heart space. I feel the continued connection to my inner voice and soul when I do my morning walks in nature. As I child, I know that was a big part of my life and was how I coped with whatever came my way. So, I will be looking at ways to continue to take time for quiet in nature, even as the weather is not cooperating. I will have to navigate the seasons as they change but I do know I will continue to find my quiet. It is that important to me. I guess, I will layer more and wear boots, and get it in as often as I can as long as I am in the Midwest. Maybe someday, I might need to be a snow bird and fly south for the winter but that is not this winter yet. So I will navigate winter and keeping my time of quiet.

I invite you to find time for quiet. Whatever that looks like for you. It feeds the soul and connects you to your still inner voice. It helps you to get in alignment with your soul and when you are in alignment with your soul, dis-ease is not a part of the equation. It is not easy and it may require you to sit with the discomfort of hearing all that you have not heard before but it is worth it. Quiet is not something we are not used to anymore with our fast paced world where everything is connected and there is always noise to distract us. Yet that only makes it more important to take time for quiet and get comfortable with it. It has taken a while for me to get to the point where I love the quiet and what it brings to my life. I can tell you all the health benefits and science behind it but ultimately it is up to you to become comfortable in it. Find the tools you need to make it part of your day. It is worth it.

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