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Holistic Living and Integrating New Beginnings

Welcome aboard. Holistic living and integrating new beginnings has been my focus lately. I can tell you as I look both forward to my upcoming ribbon cutting and grand opening. It is a new beginning, and a time of integration for my business and my own personal journey. I do have an old blog area, Each Day a New Beginning, and I will leave that up. It shows my rocky journey and the birthing process I have gone through over the last 10 years. But today, I want to start my new beginning and all that that entails. Especially as I countdown to the opening of my physical location. This morning when getting ready for the day, my husband Jeff said to me, what are you doing today? I looked at him for a moment as I was trying to process what he was asking, and then honestly, I got mad. My response was, going to work. As that was what I was doing. It was one of those moments where intention is really important, and it shows how easily we can miss our target in communication. I have been struggling with my from the traditional world of working for someone to becoming my own boss. His communication interacts with my trigger because with the excitement of a new beginning is the anxiety that comes with the unknown. Jeff was unknowingly triggering those feelings by alluding to how I set my schedule and I am my own boss. Right now, I set my schedule. I am choosing what I do instead of doing what my boss tells me and punching a timeclock. You see, I am a Holistic Practitioner starting a new business, and doing it in my own unique way. One that allows me to truly follow my path, and feel fulfilled on a level I have not been in my life. One that integrates who I am with who I am meant to be, the whole package. I am so excited to do this. Keep an eye out for more. I will be posting here as a way to show that journey. Have a great day.

Holistic Living and Integrating New Beginnings
Our true path lies in living a holistic and authentic life

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