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Living Holistically without Judgement f

Living Holistically is hard some days. It means your are responsible for integrating all that is going on into your life. It means going against what we have been taught in our culture and unpacking our boxes. For me, Today has been one of those day where I would rather box it all up again. Because today, I have been taking a lot of next steps. I went to place my ad for my grand opening. I stopped into the Chamber Office to officially join. I have been working diligently this week at completing set up for the space I will be inhabiting. Both energetically and physically. In fact, for those that follow me, I just posted on my facebook page on what I am doing.

My statement was, "I am so excited to be a week away from offering a brick and mortar space to share healing with others. I have found that healing comes from finding that perfect bridge, One that can help ourselves and others access the essence of who we are and learn to love everything about ourselves. I am offering place of no judgement. Come as you are exactly where you are at and I will meet you there." As I type this, I was doing a second check and recognized the mistakes that were made when I first posted it. And correcting it.

That is the thing, I can go back and do that. Recognize my mistakes and correct them without judgement or feeling bad. It was what it was. I was doing my best at the time. I did not intentionally write it wrong or have bad grammar. But when I recognized it, I can go back and correct in a space of loving the person I was in that moment. See we are who we are in any given moment. Everything coming together to create the way we are interacting with the world. Choices based on where we are at the moment and the experiences we have had and we can love that person and when we do, we open space to be that way with others. Simple, but hard as heck. So today, I am working on the nonjudgement as I work on my last week before pursing the dream I have had since I was 15 years old and did not even know it. Living Holistically means understanding that the journey is much a part of things as the destination. Thanks for coming on this journey with me. I am excited to walk with you.

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