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Living Holistically to Heal

Tomorrow is the day, even though I have been working my business for months now quietly, without a lot of talk about it. Integrating Emerging Whole Wellness into who I am. Because, this summer, I realized that to open a Holistic Wellness business, you really need to understand what that means and also learn to embrace living holistically. I did that this summer. See for me Living Holistically is about living out of the box that I put myself in. The role box, you know the one I am speaking of, Mom, Nurse, Worker, Wife, in no particular order or whatever order it was meant to be in at any given time. Breaking free of categorizing each thing in life. That urge to only live that role and only take it out when it was appropriate. But for the roles bled together and it never worked for me. It was messy. Things kept spilling over, and I kept becoming uneasy in my own skin. Now,with a lot of work, and although I am still working on it. I can say that things are much better. I don't feel like I have to only bring out parts of myself anymore. I can bring all of me wherever I go and whatever I do. I am the person the universe wanted me to be. I am blooming. It does make others uncomfortable sometimes, because I refuse to shrink for anyone now. It means I can do what is right and loving for me, and it is ok. In fact, it is more than ok. It is helping others. It have allowed me to have faith and trust. To understand the universe, my body, mind and spirit are always working towards my highest good and and everyone else's for that matter. When we love ourselves completely, we do what is right for everyone. We give from an overflowing cup. We feed our body, mind and spirit in a way that is nourishing and loving. I am so excited to be teaching others to do this. Because, THAT IS WHAT WILL HEAL US ALL. THAT IS WHAT WILL HEAL THE WORLD. Have an amazing day and may you be blessed with love and light in every moment.

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