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Living Holistically even in the Uncertainty and Feeling Unconnected.

What am I being called to say? Honestly, I am not sure. Today is a day where I am feeling that unconnected feel. Living holistically during your unconnected, very ego centered moments is hard. I mean those things like eating well and balancing yourself become almost more than you can comprehend. Let me explain, Today, I am getting ready to leave for a Mushroom conference that I am going to. The learning will be all about fungi and that world we know so little about, but are finding it may be essential to our survival. Yet, this conference falls over a time where things did not go the way I thought they were going to, I was counting on income that got delayed by a couple of weeks and this is my first really independent month out of a traditional full-time job role. I am following my souls calling. I know that, I can see that from the impact the work I am doing is having. But that does not mean I do not have all the messy emotions and uncertainties that come with change. I am reminded that there will always been enough and that the Universal Consciousness that drives things always takes care of us. Sometimes we just don't see what the plan is. SO I am leaning in. I am trusting things to work out and having faith that love is my constant. It will be ok. If you are reading things you too may have needed this message. I had to ask myself this am where my focus was, is it is in the lack and unknown or is it in assurance that the universe and it's abundance The universe, god or whatever we want to call it has the ability to make seemingly impossible situations possible with faith, hope and love. Today I am sending hope, faith and love to myself and anyone else who needs it. Have an amazing day. I am so honored that you are in my circle and the universe has sent you my way.

We too must find harmony in the contrasts of life, just as mushrooms delicately balance light and darkness.

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