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Living Holistically and Allowing the Magic

Last week, I wrote about the Mother Wound that I have been working on for most of my life. It was vulnerable and that was uncomfortable. Yet so many said, they have been there. I find it funny because we are all missing something right now. We are missing the magic of what the universe is doing for us. Myself included. I get caught up in the day to day worries. Is this business going to take off? Was this the right move for my family? I mean, don't we all do it. But by the doubts, we block the magic of life. We are asked to trust and live by faith. Don't get me wrong. We have to do the practical things of day to day life. But are we listening to the things that are all around us. The things that the universe is sending to assure us that things are exactly as they are supposed to be and that the timing is exactly as it is supposed to be if we don't fight it. That is life. That is the hard part of living a whole life. Listening and finding the magic. There are synchronicities that are all around us. How many times do we think of someone and low and behold, in someway they call or something about them touches our lives in some way or another. I have been tired this last week. So much is going on in my life. Last week's visit did not magically fix everything. Yes I got closure but reopened a festering wound that now has to heal. I have to restart a grief cycle. It is hard to believe in the magic in moments of grief and healing. That does not not even talk about the uncomfortable feeling of transitions. I started this blog last week but it was not meant to go out yet. I had some processing to do before the message was ready. Because last week, this message felt hollow for some reason. I was having trouble following my own words last week. Honestly. I still am and I don't know what this week will bring but I wanted to share it.

I was led to talk about allowing the magic of the universe, and being childlike in our beliefs. I know in my soul that it will all work out. I have a 100 percent success rate so far. Will it work out like a planned? Probably not but it will be better because that is how the magic of the universe works. So today, my out of the box and holistic living reality is believing in the magic of the universe, and that it can care for us. If we live through love. Love is the key and what makes the world a better place. I am not perfect but I can lean into love. Love is the way. So, I rested a little last week and allowed space. I took time to recover from the battle with myself right now and I will continue to do so. I am healing the wound. I told someone last night that Holistic Living is the most misunderstood way to live. Because it cannot be seen through perfectionist lenses. It has to be seen through gentle loving eyes. Understanding that the universe and our essence is at its base and the universe will guide us to do what is right for our Mind, Body, and Spirit but we have to quiet enough to listen to the magic of that. Sometimes that is really hard when you are hurting because it means you have to slow down and allow the pain, but it is worth it. Because Ultimately it means healing. I will embrace the love and magic of the universe. I hope you do too. Have an amazing day. Love and Light, Cathyt

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