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Holistic Living and Taking up Space

I went to start this post today and could not name it. I spent my morning working on different aspects of the new essence that is being birthed through me, Emerging Whole Wellness, Holistic Support of Wellness. I worked on a logo and an announcement of the Ribbon Cutting with the chamber and the Grand Opening Celebration to get out in the the community. As I was doing the review of it, I realized it did not have a address on it. For me, that is significant for two reasons, one is that it shows how much fear there is with this jump, and the other one is that I have always felt like I did not have a right to take up space and shine my unique light. I don't know if any of you reading this have that problem, my bet is that you probably do. It is common. We have been told we are too much over and over as children. What if I told you are not to much but exactly what you need to be. And by not taking up the space you were meant to, the world is missing out on on something amazing. It is a holistic and spiritual way to look at the world. What I mean by this is that everything in existence as a place and purpose. I just got back from a conference that was all women and centered around Mycelium/Fungi. As I was leaving for it and as I get back, I tell everyone I went to a mushroom conference, but it was really about our interconnectedness and without everything taking up the space and doing what it was meant to do the world would not continue to function. In a time where, we are facing some much uncertainty it is more important than it has ever been so that gia can heal. Because that is what is needed. So for my part, I have created what I needed to this am and I am owning my space in this world. It is perfect for me. I am leaving what is yours to you and loving you as you explore what it feels like to take up space. For Me next week is another big milestones in a lifetime of miles stones. I am opening my physical space, but I am also committing myself to allowing my being to take up the space it was meant to. I will be loud and be seen. Even if that makes others uncomfortable. Because if I am living a Holistic Life, I have to honor the whole of me, not just the part that makes me or others comfortable and fits in their or my box. So embrace everything and live a Holistic Life. Have a great day.

“They’ll tell you you’re too loud – that you need to wait your turn and ask the right people for permission. Do it anyway.” – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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