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Holistic Living and Surrender

Today, I went into Emerging Whole Wellness today to spend sometime working on the upcoming series that I will be doing. I will be doing a year long series on exploring and deepening spiritual practices. This is not an easy thing for me. Although faith and spirituality have always been part of what has called me into caregiving in every aspect of my life. There are also aspects that scare me. Years of conditioning and need for control make those aspects of who I am hard to fully express. To be honest, they are a part of myself that I have blocked most of my life. Sometimes, I will get to a point where I can acknowledge that they are there, or not intellectually downplay what it is, so that the message can come through for the person it is meant for, but honestly most of the time, I block it. Because by acknowledgement, I have to surrender to something I can't see or explain. It is something that has to be accepted with faith and trust. I have to surrender to it. I feel better when I do and my work is easier, but most of the time it is a journey of one step at a time, one surrender at a time. I am getting better. And I know I will have to reach out to those that have gone before me and have become comfortable in that arena and I have. Yet, at the end of the day I am seeing it is surrendering my old belief systems and my old baggage. So much of this path of holistic living is about creating a vacuum for new and better things to come in. As I embark on the next phase of the holistic journey I am on, I surrender to the things greater than myself and allow. I see so many things I was holding so tightly too falling away to create space for the things that were meant for me. I am letting go of the conditioning that has been so much a part of my life. What is the universe calling you to surrender? I am ready and willing just need the time and space to do it. Surrender can be done over time and in your own time. Word of advise as I wrap this up, you have to do it no matter what, so save yourself the pattern of lessons that come with ignoring it. Just do it and remember something better will come with it. If you have read this far, join me on this journey and stay tuned for more. Have an amazing day

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