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Holistic Living and Stories we tell ourselves.

Today has been Emerging Whole Wellness Grand Opening Celebration. I have loved every minute of it. The people who have been through have been amazing. And I can feel that I am living my best life. Yet to live in a Holistic was is also to admit that the story I told myself about today and what has actually happened are two different things, As I take a moment to reflect at 130 in the afternoon, I am slow enough where I can sit and write this blog post. I did not expect this to be the case. I expected at least a little more traffic to keep me busy. I am well aware that everyone has lives and I honor that, and I know those that have come are those that were meant to come today. See it is also raining and our street outside the shop is closed while they do sidewalks. So today I am taking my own advise, I am making it the best one ever and letting go of expectations. Nothing is promised except this very moment as I write to you and I am loving it. Such a privilege to be able to take time in this moment to write and share. That my friend is Holistic Living, whatever and wherever you are. So I am taking a moment to share some of my pictures with you. Hope you enjoy. I am a healer and a space keeper. I create space. In some ways, I help people birth their spirituality, This is the space I do it from. Thanks for taking the time to read. Cathy

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