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Holistic Living and New Beginnings

I am on a new part of my journey. I am opened a new business both online and brick and mortar, Emerging Whole Wellness. It is a practice that specializes in helping people learn integration of all the boxes in their life so they can live a life where they bring the essence of who they are and the experiences that have shaped them everywhere they go. If you have watched me over the years, I have had many new beginnings over the course of this lifetime. This journey of living holistically and learning integration and healing of self and others has been part of my path for many years no matter how many times I started over. It to time for me to get to this place where I felt safe to step out on my own and pursue what I feel is my life path. As someone put it to me, I have had a lot of baggage to unload and process in this life. She meant it in the kindest way possible, although I did not take it that way in the moment. But she is right, and I have spent a lot of years working at turning those experiences into gifts to the world. Integrating them into my being and becoming whole. Because that is really what it is about. Not boxing up all our experiences and pulling them out on special occasions. It is about understanding that each one of those made us who we are and we don't get to choose. So that is my specialty. I am a Holistic Practitioner both as my career but really as who I am in life.

If you have been following my blog since I started, you know that I have been working through my mother wound. Understanding the why and how I was really never a lone. I had the universe by my side and all the love and kindness that comes with this. I just had not learned to live integrated enough to recognize it. That life and universal consciousness and god were my mothers. They loved me through someone who could not do it herself. She meant to and I understand that she did her best. Just like every one does. None of us mean to hurt someone down deep, we hurt because we hurt. I am no exception. What we are responsible for is reaching out and excepting the support the universe is sending. Look around and find those who love you and who need love. Because love is the answer. I was absent for a while as I processed. Mom went back on hospice again. I don't know if I will see her again in this lifetime, but I am grateful for all that she has given me and done for me. She, who was incapable of loving and attaching in a healthy way taught me what I needed and I thank her for that. I am grateful for every piece of baggage I have been unpacking and cannot wait to see what comes next, So keep an eye out for more. I will be posting here as a way to show that journey. Welcome aboard.

“There are no goodbyes, wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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