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Finding Your Unique Light and holding onto it.

If has been a few weeks since I sat down and did anything with this blog. For me it has been a time of reflection and going within. A time of struggling to make things fit, even though I know they do not because there is a hard truth in that. The universe is not a place that things come in tidy little packages. It is not neatly wrapped with a bow. This things we call life and the universe we live in is an interesting mix of unique energy coming together to form something beautiful. I am grateful for that because it allows for variety and the world would be boring without that variety. But that means that every piece is an essential part of the puzzle called life and although we don't know the why, I personally believe it makes essential that each person bring forth their unique light because it is what will heal us.

So that brings me back to the last few weeks. I have been doing a lot of the go within reflection. I have had a few issues come up that were uncomfortable and sometimes lonely that force the issue. I have felt compelled to rest and go within because: spiritually, I felt dry, mentally, I was overwhelmed, and physically, I was tired and not feeling in top form. So my holiday felt like it was spent in reflection. I knew I needed to do this because over the years I have found that in that still quiet voice that is within ourselves we find our greatest strengths and our greatest weaknesses. It is where we connect to source and our universal connection to each other, but also where we meet ourselves and our greatest fears. Basically, it is where we find our unique light. The essence that only we can bring to the world. It is what many call soul or spirit. And in our modern society, with our cultural norms and fast paced world that looks outside themselves for answers, most of are disconnected with it. And even when you have a practice of connecting with it, it is easy to forget and become disconnected. But that is not the way the universe wants us to live. The universe wants us to live connected because that is where contentment and gratitude are found. It is where the elusive things called joy and connection to others actually live. So go within and explore to find you light. The world needs you to shine it so others can find their way. If you need connections and support to do so. Reach out. I have been dancing this dance of connecting to self and then disconnecting to self and reconnecting again for a while now.

It starts with one step and keep moving until you get there. Even when it feels impossible. Remember the first move is the hardest.

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